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 a little backdrop......

 By leading a generation of hustle culture, are we losing touch with our own unique individuality?

 Have we been dumping those irrational thoughts into our brains, sometimes leading to a biassed & directionless life?

 Did the external belief system mess with our own original way of looking at it?

 Has our obsession with "MORE" made us lose the raw, unparalleled us along the way?

 In a world that never misses a chance to hurl us with hasty judgements and pre-set ideas, it's essential to find ways to debias ourselves and fluff the feathers of our individuality.

We wish to restore the highlight on the Original, unbiased versions of you, placing them on a bright, shining pedestal for the world to admire.

Think of us as your personal undo button of imposed bias and uncover your radiant multidimensional persona.



Our Endeavour : Bringing Back the Spotlight on You

In a world where trends come and go, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters—YOU. Our brand is here to remind you to hit the pause button on chasing being a clone in the latest "in-thing", on playing follow-the-leader, & playing to the gallery of society. Duh-uh!
We're more about encouraging you to sashay down your own catwalk of life: It’s more like going on a wild ride, embracing the thrill of discovery, and tailoring a style statement that mirrors your own metamorphosis! It's your story on display!
Picture this: you, channelling your stunning self, strutting down the street with an air of undeniable captivation. Sounds pretty amazing, right?
We believe that fashion is not just about what you wear—it's about how it makes you feel. It's time to reclaim the spotlight and make heads turn wherever you go. So, go ahead, embrace the freedom of unbiased expression, and let our fashion hold up a mirror to your audacious spirit—because you, my dear, are a work of art.
Reminder: no mimics, no alter-egos, just the real star of the show, YOU!


Our Medium: Fashion

Everything reflects a meaning of who you are through the way you present yourself, & since fashion captures the visual language of that mood, that moment along the ever-evolving phases of a person, we desire to be chosen to convey those non-verbal expressions! 

For fashion is more than just what we wear, 
It's an expression, that we all can share. 

We believe that Fashion has evolved from a conservative platform to an ever-experimental space; a cross cultural fusion of stories & ideas. Fashion has the power to empower, inspire, and captivate.

And just like any other medium it has the potential to make your mark & change the norm! 


Our Collections



As a brand that champions unbiased star in you to shine, Progressiveness is at the core of our brand philosophy. Yep, Progressiveness— that's our middle name.By progressive, we mean embracing the diverse tastes & perspectives of our customers and reflecting them in our offerings.

Through our thoughtfully curated collections, we deliver not just style statements but full-fledged narratives.

This is your personal gallery of art and expression.

Whether it's through bold colors, avant-garde designs, or unconventional minimalist looks, with DBIAS, there are no boundaries—only endless possibilities.

& how do we do it? By regarding curiosity, creativity, & co-creators (YOU) take the center stage. The resulting piece thus serves as a narration of episodes of your personality, a style story to celebrate

Brimming with humor, wit, and a pinch of rebellion, we invite you to let your authentic self soak up the spotlight and let our captivating fashion styles be a reflection of the ever-evolving you.

  After all, in style as in life, might as well make a statement.


Our Process

  Our commitment to progress doesn't just stop at fashion. Nope, not at all. We also believe in sustainable and ethical practices. Wondering how we hit that sweet, sustainable note? Here's how:

Limited Manufacturing Practice: 

Our approach focuses on earth-positive production. Producing limited-edition collections that don't leave a trace (read: no waste), and practicing responsible manufacturing.

We start off cute, with handfuls of each product, then only manufacture when your demand knocks at our virtual door; supported by real-time data and your unfiltered feedback. This ensures that while you look the part, the planet doesn't pay the price. It's witty, it's smart, and frankly, it's about time.

Responsible Sourcing:

By proudly picking up most of our goods from local outlets, digging through factory surplus like it's black friday while also looking out for eco-friendly materials we're all in on going green. 

Ethically Supportive:

Hooray for homegrown goodies! Keeping it local with domestic manufacturing boosts our economy, sends employment levels soaring high, and trims down our carbon footprint. We're like a team of cheerleaders rooting for them and their prosperity. Why? 'Cause we absolutely need them to keep rocking their craft.


Highlights: zero waste and good-karma production - that's our jam!